Company technology is often seen as the set of technological means and tools that a company implements in its management, production and marketing functions. For example, MRP or robotic production systems. But technology is more than tools: mastery of science and its applications, intellectual property, know-how and innovative ideas constitute a unique and major asset, which, well developed and highlighted, can make a powerful contribution to the success of your business. Technology as an asset is a resource that must be recognized, evaluated, managed and developed according to a global corporate strategy, taking into account the competitive position and the markets that we want to consolidate or conquer. The rapid emergence of new technologies represents opportunities but also threats that can reduce the value of your business. Globerpro has the resources to ensure the optimal positioning of your company in the face of disruptive technologies.

Globerpro executives are familiar with Quebec and Canadian academic circles, including partnerships and possible corporate / university financing.

Intellectual property

Your ideas and your lead over your competitors must be protected by appropriate means. Patents, which involve full disclosure, or information protection strategies should be considered as appropriate.
Globerpro specialists will help you choose and implement the most appropriate strategy for your situation.