Globerpro stands out for its analytical ability and strategic positioning skills. We also stand out for our capacity to implement supporting structures and to actually generate solutions. We don’t only produce reports; we can help you create meaningful results.

Here are some of our achievements

Strategic development

Strategic positioning in the Canadian hydroelectric market, Andritz
After conducting an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Andritz’ business sectors, Globerpro proposed several actions to improve the performance of the company’s profit margin in Canada. 

Investment feasibility study for Litostroj (a subsidiary of Energo-Pro)
Globerpro did an inventory of hydroelectric generation facilities in Canada to then determine the investment options and financial conditions sought in the market. Finally, we proposed an action plan.

Strategic positioning, IC2E, Shawinigan
Globerpro developed a positioning plan for the Institute of Carbon and Energy Efficiency (IC2E) to guide the decision making process as to services to offer, targets, sectors and approaches to prioritize in coherence with the institute’s mission.

Strategic positioning, École de technologie supérieure
Globerpro developed a concept for enhancing the university’s position as a key player in the consolidation of an emerging innovation ecosystem. We reached a joint recommendation to define a target of enabling technologies, particularly nanotechnology and photonics, catering to the needs of the smart grid, electric vehicle and renewables sectors. This concept highlights and improves ETS’s existing contribution to industry players’ competitive advantage Montreal – Quebec – Ottawa corridor.

Consultant for the creation of the electricity consortium, province of Quebec
Under contract to Rio Tinto Alcan, Hydro-Québec, and the Government of Quebec via the Quebec Association for the Production of Renewable Energy, Globerpro justified the creation of a new electricity cluster in Quebec. This cluster seeks, amongst other objectives, to develop technology centres and to build a solid foundation for the growth of exports in targeted sectors: electricity production and distribution, smart grids, electric vehicles, renewable energies, and cleantech.

Creation of the center for excellence in energy efficiency (C3E), Shawinigan, Québec
The C3E, an initiative of Rio Tinto Alcan, invests in business model innovation in energy efficiency and renewable energy to create more sustainable sector development.  Globerpro completed an analysis that led to the creation of the centre in Shawinigan. This study identified, discussed, and validated a series of key activities that project development and approval hinged upon.

Positioning of the energy technology laboratory, Hydro-Québec (IREQ)
Market study for the services offered by the laboratory and strategic positioning including identifying potential international partners. This project allowed IREQ to rethink its activities in the laboratory and was followed by targeted growth.

Canadian market study, Hy2Gen (a German clean hydrogen firm)
Globerpro performed a market study for clean hydrogen in Canada. Equipped with the required strategic information (potential, competition, legislative environment, etc.), Hy2Gen decided to settle in Canada and entrusted Globerpro with a representation and business development mandate.

Canadian expansion plan, BBA
We completed a study of the Canadian market including segmentation and segment-prioritization for an important regional engineering firm. We proposed positioning strategies including potential acquisitions.

White paper on smart grids, École de technologie supérieure
Globerpro wrote a white paper on behalf of Montréal’s École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) to contribute to a better understanding of this phenomenon and of the technological innovations it fosters (e.g. smart mobility, electric vehicles, integration of renewables and the smart city). The white paper identifies the stakes and challenges associated with these sectors and makes a series of recommendations for their development.

Energy infrastructure

SADC de Chandler: Guidance and support for the investment in the field of wind
Globerpro completed a worldwide market study of small-scale wind farms and researched investment support programs for the region of Chandler. This work allowed a re-targeting of market development in Canada, the U.S. and in Africa.

Technical and commercial validation of a hydroelectric plant, Bas Richelieu
Globerpro conducted a study to validate hydroelectric technical and commercial viability in St-Ours, Quebec for the Regional Municipality of Pierre-De Saurel.

Health, safety and environmental management programs and audits, Montreal
We conducted several environmental and safety audits with partner CGE Corporation. We also developed a safety action plan for Gaz Propane Rainville.

Training of operators and attendants in handling equipment for propane and butane
We designed training programs in different usage fields for liquefied petroleum gas, delivering several training sessions in Canada and abroad. Our customers have included several large companies such as Linde and regional distributors.  

Growth plan in North America

Globerpro is working closely with mecan-hydro management to evaluate options for greater penetration in the north american market.

Support of WAGA Energy, a French firm in the Canadian market
Globerpro represents WAGA Energy for its development and positioning activities in the Canadian market. WAGA Energy specializes in the supply and operation of Renewed Natural Gas Processing Plant.


Environmental Compliance support at New World Graphite
Globerpro worked with NMG to establish the GHG reduction and contribute to the new operating world imagined for a new factory in Quebec.