Denys Turcotte, B.Eng., M. Sc.Eng., President
Denys is a senior executive with extensive experience in the fields of energy, marketing and consulting in engineering and the environment. He has served as President, Vice President and Director of several large national and international companies. Renowned for his strategic vision and management skills, Denys is an authority in marketing and business development. Very active, Denys is involved in several associations and professional groups in the field of energy and in charitable organizations.

Greg Farthing, VP Business Development, Canada
Greg is a talented and seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in the energy industry, specifically with electrical manufacturers of low, medium, high voltage equipment, energy management software, and new emerging technologies like : Microgrids, BESS, ADMS, and DER. He held the position of Vice President Strategic Initiatives & Innovation at ABB Inc., and Vice President Sales and Marketing Power Products and Systemes Divisions.  He also held the positions of President and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AREVA T&D Canada. He led national teams within Strategy, Operations, Governance, and Marketing. He has a proven track record generating profitable and sustainable year-over-year growth. He brings a wealth of expertise with particular strengths in areas such as strategic planning, technical development, business development, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Greg is responsible for spearheading several initiatives that have propelled these companies.

Denis V. Fraser, B.Eng., MBA
Denis is an outstanding manager who has held senior executive positions in a number of natural resource companies. During his career, he has been President, Vice President and General Manager of several leading companies. Natural leader, excellent communicator with a strong analytical capacity, Denis is an expert in business development, mergers, acquisitions and financing, but also in process improvement and optimization. With his experience and expertise, Denis is a coach and a personal developer sought after and recognized.           

Denis Faubert, PhD, CEO, CARIC
Mr. Faubert holds a PhD in laser physics and has an impressive track record with a range of applied research institutions. Previously, he was Senior Director of the Institut de Recherche d’Hydro-Québec (IREQ). At Defence Research and Development Canada, He was Director General of the Valcartier Research Center for seven years and Director General of the National Defence Research Program in Ottawa for two years. Between 2014 and 2019, he also served as President and CEO of the Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Québec (CRIAQ), a Québec initiative that inspired the creation of CARIC.

Hélène Tomlinson 
Hélène is an outstanding communicator with extensive experience in public affairs, media relations, corporate positioning, advertising, and business marketing in energy and natural resources. Hélène is particularly distinguished by her great knowledge of government affairs and politics. She has been a political assistant to the Prime Minister of Canada and several federal ministers and remains active in all three levels of government. Hélène is known for her involvement with many charitable organizations in the health and education sectors.

Sabin Boily,D.Sc.
Sabin’s career path is unique. With a doctorate in energy sciences and materials and a passion for technology, Sabin works alongside companies to develop and showcase innovative technologies. Sabin has a deep knowledge of the world of research and innovation. As a researcher, he has been involved in numerous patents in materials engineering and nanotechnology. Manager and senior executive, he was responsible for the innovation and technology development strategies of an engineering school in Quebec. Sabin sits on several boards and committees, and is a co-founder of some emerging companies.

Jérôme Gosset, Ph. D.
Manager and senior executive in the applied research sector, Ph.D. in plasma physics, Jérôme first developed a rich experience as an industrial researcher. But it is by his abilities as strategist that he now stands out. Recognized for his strategic vision, his leadership with development teams and his focus on results, Jérôme directs and manages innovation and development projects in clean energy, mobility and process engineering. Very comfortable in structures of all sizes and familiar with decision-making in complex and evolving environments, Jérôme has sat on the boards of several innovative companies and currently sits on the board of a major research organization in France.

Chantal Malo, M.Sc., Strategic Advisor
Chantal has a wealth of experience in supporting international companies positioning themselves in Canada. She occupied key executive positions with Société Générale de Financement du Québec and Investissement Québec, notably as Chief – Project Office and as Vice-president, International Affairs. These positions allowed her to fully understand the needs of companies looking to do business in Canada or looking to take advantage of international markets. She has an excellent knowledge of the various ways to accelerate market penetration goals, including available government financial support.

David Beaudoin, B.Eng.

David is one of the few experts in conventional and alternative financing of clean technologies and carbon markets. He works with large GHG emitters in Quebec and Ontario and is involved in the trading of allowances, carbon credits, and other environmental attributes such as RECs (Recognized Environmental Conditions) and RINs (Renewable Identification Numbers). He has several years of experience in process engineering in various industrial sectors and combines entrepreneurial projects in the fields of digital technologies, e-commerce, and energy distribution. His project management, risk management, technology development and marketing skills have benefited clients in many strategic support projects.

Normand Levesque, Eng.

Normand is a senior executive with a wealth of experience in energy and engineering consulting. He has held senior leadership positions in engineering firms that operate nationally and internationally. Among these is the firm EACOM where Normand has been Vice President Energy for Global Operations. Recognized for his creativity and entrepreneurial skills, Normand is a reference in renewable energy especially in mini-hydro, an area where he has developed innovative generation concepts.

Pierre Fitzgerald
Pierre is a senior manager and strategist with over 30 years of experience in the information technology, energy, and transportation sectors. Renowned for his vision and ability to develop new markets, Pierre has distinguished himself in the development and implementation in Canada and the United States of innovative energy management and sustainable mobility solutions using information technology. Among other successes, he has contributed to the implementation of major integration and deployment projects for smart metering and networks in large public service organizations. Pierre works with several startup technology companies and is actively involved in their development.

Jean-Luc Plante, Eng.

With a degree in chemical engineering, Jean-Luc has more than 30 years of experience in environmental protection in various manufacturing companies. He has managed and actively participated in the realization of projects related to environmental protection totalling more than $25 million. In particular, he has worked with companies involved in waste management, collaborating in the development of their business plans and environmental compliance management. To this end, Jean-Luc has drafted numerous requests for authorization from the ministries of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change and of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. A passionate and persevering manager, Jean-Luc distinguishes himself by his ability to listen to his clients needs, his quick grasp of the issues and his structured and rigorous approach.

These members form the core of the Globerpro team to which are added internal and external experts from our network of partners to complete our expertise according to the needs of each project.