Our experts support you in the following activities:

Preliminary analysis and sales development

In an open and competitive environment, business development is not an option, but a necessity. Inaction translates into increased vulnerability. And you know it. As a leader, you have a vision, goals, but you need support, information, and guidance in your efforts. At Globerpro, we have practical business experience, acquired by many of our executives in positions of high responsibility and decision-making. Our experts have a proven track record in developing markets, increasing sales and profit margin. 

Growth strategy

Any development and growth strategy is based on knowing the forces involved and the market you want to conquer. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your business or business unit? Who are your competitors today and tomorrow? What do your customers want? What opportunities do technology, society or sustainable development present? What will change your offer and your customers’ needs? How will future laws or regulations change the game?

The preliminary analysis that Globerpro will carry out with you aims to answer these questions to identify your options and analyze their value, anticipate, evaluate and manage risks, an element that is often underestimated. Globerpro can support the entire process or involve your key resources based on their availability.

Preparing a business plan

The business plan is the culmination of the strategic analysis. Schematically, it aims to answer the following questions. Where are we going? How do we plan to get there? The business plan is a rigorous mobilization document that brings together and empowers your team around concrete, realistic objectives whose attainment is measurable. It is also the essential tool for finding funding and partners. Experienced Globerpro professionals will help you prepare a structured, rigorous and compelling business plan.

In addition to development objectives and strategies, the business plan includes all of the company’s operations, administration, structure, physical facilities, marketing, innovation, technology and finance without forgetting issues of logistics, transport, sustainable development, health and safety, industrial risks, etc. Here again, the Globerpro experience makes the difference. We can develop practical strategies that we will implement directly or by accompanying your resources.

Commercial representation in Canada and in the US

Globerpro executives can help you structure and grow your sales network in Canada or the United States. They may also act as agents for negotiating your contracts for the sale, purchase or delivery of services.

New markets

You have identified options, development possibilities. You must now evaluate them. Globerpro can help you do that. Often, the perspective and judgment of an external expert can be valuable to you. We can anonymously and discreetly obtain the information you need. We too have had to assume those responsibilities.

New Products

The launch of a new product or service is a challenge that Globerpro, with its experience, can take on with you. Here again, preparation is a guarantee of success. Identifying the players involved, positioning your company, reviewing and validating marketing, sales, distribution and logistics strategies: these are critical. We produce clear action plans and we accompany you in the implementation phase if you wish.

Joint venture

Choosing a partner can be driven by the need, for example, to reach a market that you could not develop otherwise. But a good partner can mean a lot more for your business. Through synergies and complementarities, a well-chosen partner can literally multiply your sales and growth, both locally and externally.

The choice of a partner, the approach and the negotiation of a partnership require know-how and expertise, in particular to ensure a risks and responsibilities are fairly divided. The intervention of an expert third party is often very beneficial. Globerpro can protect your anonymity, take steps with your partners and competitors, and probe their interest without revealing your identity. Globerpro can also expand its research geographically and explore opportunities you would not have considered at first glance.