Mergers and acquisitions are an integral part of the growth strategies that many companies must consider and evaluate. Timely, smart transactions can generate strong growth and propel your business to new heights. Conversely, a poorly prepared and sloppy transaction can be very costly and undermine your development. The Globerpro team has first hand experience of mergers and acquisitions and will help make this operation a success.

Globerpro can support you in the following activities:

Pre-transaction analysis

A profitable transaction requires a smooth and efficient integration needing preparation that goes beyond the business plan.

The pre-transaction analysis must take into account the laws and regulations that apply, including those concerned with competition, in all jurisdictions where your company will be active after the transaction. The Globerpro team has experience with this type of analysis, carried out in collaboration with your legal services.

Due diligence

The due diligence process is designed to manage the risks inherent in the transaction. The Globerpro team reviews all operations and identifies the elements that significantly contribute to the value of the transaction, especially those that create synergies with your company. Globerpro can also coordinate the various teams of professionals involved in the audit, including legal, financial, tax and social.

Post-transaction integration

The benefits of a transaction are realized later, when integrating organizational structures and services. This crucial step is a major challenge for managers and leaders. This is where the risk is highest. Change management, new responsibilities, choice of new image, integration of sales and systems require a structured approach. Globerpro has the expertise to support your managers and ensure a successful integration.

Business succession

The succession of a family business is often difficult to manage by the interested parties, for obvious reasons. The intervention of a third party can provide the necessary supervision and support to ensure the success of this operation and a smooth transition. Our experts can intervene at different levels. They can perform vital functions on an interim basis. They can also act on an occasional basis as a coach or mentor.