Goberpro can support you in the following activities:

Grants and subsidies solicitation

Before seeking funding from different lenders including the financial institutions, it is often appropriate opportunities for government assistance and grants to be explored. Governments at all levels, including municipalities and regions, have put in place a large number of programs that can take a multitude of forms. Identifying them, finding the one(s) you can rely on and completing the necessary formalities is a challenge and an important workload. We can take this challenge on for you.

Identifying financial partners

Private or institutional partners and public or private investment funds may be interested in your project and want to participate. The Globerpro team has the networks and relationships to help you identify and solicit donors who will share your goals and vision.

Loan application

A good loan application presents a clear and explicit vision of your project and the business environment. It includes credible and verifiable business volume forecasts, revenue generation, and builds the company’s ability to meet commitments, provide collateral and manage risk. Bringing together figures and information, presenting them in a coherent and rigorous way is a demanding and complex process that mobilizes significant resources. We can do it for you. We can put together a rich and convincing file, prepare meetings with investors, present your file, ensure follow-ups and manage the entire process. Time is precious. We will use it best for you.